Spectacle Island, Nova Scotia

August 31, 2015
Nova Scotia-15

We headed to Nova Scotia last weekend for a much anticipated escape to cooler temps and an island state of mind. Our trip was inspired by the invitation of our friend – an incredibly talented resort designer with an ever-present sparkle of delight in his eyes. He has an amazing ability to create spaces that are simultaneously captivating and inspiring, relaxing and energizing, sensual and thoughtful, evolving and whole. Some of our favorite destinations around the world have included his creations so we were excited to spend time together with our friend on his private island in Nova Scotia that has become his haven and playground.

The invitation alluded to dinners and brunch together, meeting the “neighbors” and exploring the nearby islands. We enjoyed lobsters and scallops caught by local fisherman, sunset swims in the warm waters of the Atlantic, dining with our new friends as the full moon rose over the island, and a boat trip to the old fishing village island of Ironbound that had inspired the controversial novel, Rockbound.

The rest of our time was spent splashing on the beaches of Spectacle Island, reading, sipping wine, and blissing out in the sun while watching the sailboats pass by.

Nova Scotia-7Nova Scotia-2Nova Scotia-16 Nova Scotia-3Nova Scotia-6Nova Scotia-17Nova Scotia-4 Nova Scotia-5Nova Scotia-8Sunrise on Spectacle Island

Nova Scotia-10 Nova Scotia-9Nova Scotia-11Nova Scotia-12Nova Scotia-13Nova Scotia-1Nova Scotia-18Nova Scotia-19

A huge thank you to our host and guide, whose charm and hospitality are truly a gift!

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